Generic Thermal Label Printer Roll Holder - made from scraps!

This is a label roll holder for the NETUM printer (Also, Zing, MUNBYN, Polono - basically most 4x6 thermal label printers). They are brilliant but don’t come with a holder for the labels - they charge for it!

This stand was made essentially out of strips, which could easily be scraps - nothing is longer than 12cm, or wider than 2cm. Also gave me a time to tinker with pegs!

Label Printer Roll Stand - FINAL (1)


Lovely engineering on that.


Considering I just purchased 2 large eco-rolls of labels from to use on my Rollo printer, this is perfect timing! Thank you for sharing the file, and saving me the time from doing it myself :wink::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

I’ve used the peg style of joinery before, and it allows a little more wiggle room with material thickness. Great Job!


So can you print usps labels directly on them?


This is awesome! Thank you so much for the share. I think it’ll also work for a roll of sandpaper I have. I can put a rubber band across the pegs to keep the sandpaper from unrolling. Perfect solution for a problem I have been wanting to solve - you solved it for me!


Yes, exactly what these thermal printers are for, and perfect for the job without taking up a ton of room.


Haha-I read the topic too fast. I thought it said Geothermal Label Printer Roll Holder. Hmmmm :thinking:

Anyway, it’s a wonderful practical design! And I like that you made something for yourself that they were gonna charge you $$$ for.


Yes! They are crazy fast to print and I love mine. All quite generic and interchangeable. Netum printer link

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I hadn’t thought of that, but yes, could work for masking paper too!

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Thank you so much!
I pack my books in plastic bags and this will keep the roll from … rolling :slight_smile:


Nice design on that piece! Great work! The cross leg design can be used for many things.


Really great work! I love seeing people solve problems with their Glowforge.


I LOVE this and came here looking for something similar with a stand on top for the printer. Similar to this! Thermal Printer Stand Custom Colors Works With ROLLO & - Etsy

I would love to make it out of clear acrylic and save all the space on my desk - have you seen such a thing or have any interest in designing one??!

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