Geneseo High School Class of 1981 Earrings

These were the school varsity colors :slight_smile:

Thinking BIG there! LOL

You’re just a pup! LOL


Really? Somehow I always pictured you as more mature! Good for you to be so young!

And @jbarelle1 , being able to do custom earrings for special occasions is so cool! Thanks for sharing.


Ha! I wish.

Oh wait… LOL you were referring to someone else!


You are only two years behind me, so good company. And yes, young too!

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LOL again, I wish. What I wouldn’t give to be 25 again, only with the wisdom I have now :wink:

It can be risky, conflating age and maturity. I plan on modeling that for my kids over the next few decades… :laughing:


Dang, that means I’m old enough to be your mother. sigh


Me too!!! My oldest turned 36 in December


So did mine!


On the 8th? Or the 10th? We have two the same age same month two days apart.

The 18th. :slight_smile: My birthday is the 10th, though!


Same here.

Thanks for the idea! May have to make some for next high school class reunion! So fun! Now after seeing some comments…may make a good College graduation gift!

Did you pain these? I just ordered my glowforge today so I’m trying to absorb everything right now that i can before it show sup

How fun! Well I don’t know your background, but from your user name I gather you already make and sell items…but I could be jumping the gun.

If you don’t design yet, I would highly suggest you make sure you have a graphics design program that can work with SVG and learn that program inside and out…I just changed to another program (other version didn’t work well) and so I am having to watch videos to learn it…slowing me down tremendously. I’ll make progress soon, I just had to stop GF stuff and work on making masks for my family. :wink: so many ideas, so little time… I’d also suggest reading the Tips & Tricks section:

Glowforge Tutorials


:blush: Thank you for welcoming me
Yes you guessed right!! For me it all started with a sewing machine and my business just kept slowly growing. Now I do embroidery, Sublimation and NOW laser cutting. I’m fortunate to have a wonderful husband that actually pushed me to start selling my products. Mostly on Facebook and craft fairs but I’m hoping the glowforge will help me expand. I’m so excited because it took me a few months to win him over on the expense but I was showing him the numbers of my sales for the past year and explained most of my supplies I would beable to start making myself and that would cut cost plus I can venture into other things. I’m hoping it will continue to grow even with this corona mess we are currently dealing with in this country :neutral_face:

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Just passing along the welcome sign…I was thrilled when I joined the community and found out how helpful everyone is.

My mom had an embroidery machine at one time that was a Brother (? pretty sure) and could embroider Disney designs so I had fun with the one “cartridge” I bought. I made about a dozen I think of Boy Scout Eagle scarves (those were a pain on the material they chose). I just didn’t have the time at that time to go over to her house and work on things that much with the age my sons were at the time. She gave it to my sister-in-law who I believe has kept that thing humming! I miss the embroidery though…I have the cartridge for the designs and can’t do anything with it. I’m a Jiminy Cricket fan and it has Jiminy on it.

Our robotics team won a sublimation printer at one time…I don’t know if it is the same technology or not, but I had a heck of a time with it…found out after a lot of trial and error that the problem was not in the printer but in the heat press because the temperature it reported was inaccurate. I was doing the initial experiments for the team with it, but it was drinking ink like I drink slushies. It’s also about 8-10 years later so most likely a lot different than then. I’m curious about it though.

My hubby is a tech nerd, and I as well…we love new technology. We have 3D printers which take a long time to crank out anything…but like now, it’s printing a set of drawers to go in a cabinet 8" I think that will hold the bobbins for the sewing machine and a couple of drawers to hold all those little things like seam rippers and such. Hadn’t really touched the machine in years until last October when I spent one day cutting out a cosplay…then got distracted by the Glowforge again. LOL

We have the Glowforge — obviously — he convinced me (as a boyfriend) to go in on it with him back when they were doing the fundraising. I told him I was in college and didn’t have much extra money. He was very convincing…but then I asked…but what if we don’t stay together (didn’t know his intentions at that time)…and he said he wasn’t going anywhere…so plop $.

I was wanting a Tesla for a couple of years, still in college…and Elon had the reveal of the Model 3. I was not in my permanent career yet but wanted it so bad. He brought my laptop to me with the page open and said something like all you have to do is click the button. … advance to November 2018 and we’re engaged and have our Ultimaker 3 (plus 2 others), a Glowforge, my new career started in Cybersecurity…and my beautiful red Tesla!! …followed by a wedding in 2019. :wink: so mine is pretty good at convincing… LOL

So far all our tech is hobby related…I have been trying to get one son interested in designing…have given him full reins of the 3D printer and the Glowforge (but not the Tesla; he doesn’t have a license…and I’m very protective of my car) … but can’t get him interested as of yet. Would be nice to get a niche and start figuring out how to make some money for retirement. I haven’t a clue where to start. So far anything I have made has gone to our Makerspace fund into the 501c3 to help get it back on it’s feet so we can get our group up and running again…but it needs a physical space with 24/7 access and that is expensive. Been just a few odd jobs that have fallen into my lap.

I like to make gifts and that is what I do quite a bit of…I have some patterns from @BigBlueMark that I need to get made…want to get some shelves to hold all these Pop Vinyl that came home from work during this mess you are talking about. I have some ideas but if I can get them up on shelves that will help my workspace look more organized…right now Spiderman is needing a home. :slight_smile: Look forward to seeing your projects!

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