Geometric Leather Earrings

My first run of some earrings. I’m not thrilled with the dye as the purple came out muddy. The picture shows the front and back.



Ooooo, really like that design! I think the color looks great actually.

Very cool.

Looks like a shoulder piece for leather armor… for itty-bitty cosplayers. :slight_smile:

(It actually reminds me of the Cardassian emblem from Star Trek, too.)

Very awesome! (I was playing with dyes this morning too - got mine too dark.) :grinning:

Could you let me know the basic dimensions. My bride likes small earrings without my GF (saddly) I am trying to get am idea of the size.

Quite pretty… wondering how fine you could make them, like a dreamcatcher or spider web…

I want to do a bunch of different colors so I’m not too upset it didn’t come out as envisioned.

I was thinking of their warships but then again the insignia looks like the warship.

I use cotton balls to apply the dye. The wetter the leather and more water on the cotton ball the lighter the dye.

You can go pretty thin. The biggest issue would likely be doing both sides of a thin cut and frying the leather. I suppose you could do half the cuts in one operation and half in another to give some cooling time. It would make the project more complicated but might be worth the effort.

The squares are .33” wide and I think the engraves are .035”. That was before I warped the design.

I’ll take a size photo when I get back to my desk.

I added a Belizian dollar just in case you are for there. :upside_down_face:


The Cardassians aren’t really known for their imaginations. :slight_smile:

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OMG - do ya think the other Kardashians are actually aliens and simply misspelled it when they landed here?


I really like the warped look. Those turned out great!

I think they were required to change the name when they were expelled from the Cardassian empire.


They were given new names when they came through Ellis Island… or MiB headquarters.


I love that you basically made a living hinge in a flexible material. They look so cool! I’d definitely buy those as a gift for my daughter or wife.

Thanks for doing that. I like the dollar!!

Still learning the ins and outs of the leather dye. Even with the surprises I have a bunch setup for First Friday tonight.

Oh, I did the cads on the GF as well. It is matte photo paper and I engraved the designs. It is subtle but the text looks like lace. En engraved line make a nice fold so it can hang on the display.

Last night I tied some wooden earrings. They are cut out of wenge and padauk without any finishing except for a quick cleanup with a Fast Orange wipe.


Leather ones look good but I really like the wooden ones! (They’ve got all that cool grain action going!) :grinning:

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