Gerber Daisy Ornament


My wife’s favorite flower is the Gerber Daisy, so for her birthday I made her the little daisy ornament shown in the picture below. I started with a black and white line drawing I found on the internet. I noticed that the edges of the petals and center part of the flower on this drawing were darker then the center areas, so I decided to try 3d engraving. I think it turned out pretty good. I left the tape residue on the center portion because it looks more realistic. I glued the pieces onto a piece of clear acrylic using some acrylic cement I got from TAP Plastics.

The only thing I am not happy with is that because I was not able to get Inkscape’s inset feature work, I ended up doing a “transform” on the center part of the flower to shrink it, and I shrunk it too much. So there is a visible gap between the two pieces.


Nice graphic choice.
The irregular petals really makes it stand out.
Happy Trails


Looks very realistic! Had to zoom in on it because I thought it was a pressed flower at first. :smile:


I know we’re all our own worst critics, but don’t be too hard on yourself…I’m thinking no one but yourself would even notice the small gap. I sure wouldn’t have! It’s lovely and so sweet.


I thought it was a flower sealed in epoxy, at first. Amazing!


This is astonishingly realistic. Now I have an idea for a wall project…