Get your kicks on Route 66


This was inspired by a dear friend who is obsessed with anything route 66.

I had a bunch of laminate flooring that I had my son in law rip the side connectors off and cut them down into smaller pieces. Been trying to find good uses for them.

Etched the design, then cut acrylic pieces to puzzle fit.

I bought some stand offs as suggested by @thesamenametwice.

(Look, I used them sooner than I thought :rofl:)

Etched out the hex shape then drembled the holes to fit the screws.

Glued it all down with E6000.

Cut a back piece for the photo out of white acrylic and a thin clear piece of mylar.

Used the keyhole idea from @jbmanning5

(Working this forum ideas like a boss…lol)

Even made a nail hanging guide and a guide for cutting out the photo shape.

I’m pretty happy with it.


Very kewl! :grinning::+1:
(I hear you can get your kicks on Route 66.) :sunglasses:

(Which I just noticed in your title…bleh!) :smile:



I have a 6-pack of these hidden in one of my cabinets…


S l o w . . . Ha!:sunglasses:


Well, you’ve certainly contributed your fair share!

I love it!


What extraordinary mixed media use, the hanging template is fantastic, saves so much time.


Sweet work. :sunglasses:
Thanks for that share Laser Lady, and for all you have given us. From the comradery to expertise across this journey. Sporting those metal tube lasers like a Boss…
(when next you need help with the Sports Illustrated body painting, think of your old friend :rofl:).


Yes, I like that. Adding it to my US vocabulary !

John :upside_down_face:


Hell yeah you are!




Bet your friend will love it. Love the use of different materials.