Getting close to the edge

I have not even run the calibration routine but I needed to squeeze two more cuts at the end of a row so was careful to have some space between and the absolute edge to the side and bottom extant of the cutting area (10.976 according to the app.)…

The camera shows some astigmatism that is not real



try this

  1. create a boarder guide. place a sheet as far to the bottom and right side of the crumb catcher as possible (make sure it is pressed up against the edges). in GF app draw a large box (larger then the sheet)and set it to cut. move the box to the bottom right corner of the cutting area and cut the sheet. you now have a boarder guide that you can put on the bed ( in the exact place as before) and know where the extent of the cutting area is on the crumb catcher. Now put your new sheet in that corner and you now can move your art work down to the corner and cut it. all should be well.

I have actually done that sometime back. I also painted the rails of the crumb tray marking inches with white-out based on creating that angle (the right corner ended up with almost no material).

I also applied an accurate inch and centimeter ruler to it. I made and posted the basic design here…

However, as I have a pro the top of the design frequently has more material. When I buy any 4x8 plywood I have them cut it into 5 pieces at 19 x 48 inches each and cut it as I need, which is the case here. To make the design fit therefore was tricky.

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