Getting Creative with Cardboard

Update on the Cardboard Crafting in my course. The skills in the first few projects are starting to take hold and bear fruit in later projects… Today you get gliders, cars, a helicopter, wagons and more…

Also the lessons are laid out a little better now on my web site if you are interested.


The website is lovely and is definitely going to become a stock answer to the “I’m a teacher and we got a :glowforge:, does anyone have thoughts on what I should do” question that comes in not infrequently :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you. It is so hard for me to juggle my need to play with the toys, creating new content, and getting it in a orderly fashion on the web. Nice to hear that I am headed in the right direction.


Thanks for your classroom link. I know more than one family that uses the GF for homeschooling. I have shared it with them.


Thank you for the link to your web site. Bookmarked.

Also, see a lot of Inkscape tutorials listed there, for those using that.

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