Getting organized


I recently got an Oculus Rift from my brother which was an awesome present from an awesome brother :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking of ways I could keep it organized with the little controllers and the head-mount display while also keeping it easy to access. I didn’t want something that would fatigue the headset since it seems to be laced with wires for headphones and positional lights. I didn’t have much space for a head form to place on a table either. I decided to layout something in Illustrator that I could cut out of plywood and hang from the wireframe tray on my computer desk. I tried to keep it fairly simple.

I decided on two main head-mount hangers with two additional small outrigger hangers for the controllers. I backed all of that with a rectangle they could slot into. I also had the two main hangers protrude through the back and act as mounts that would hook onto my wire shelf frame. I did a quick test with some cardboard.

I assembled it and happily found that it fit together as I’d imagined and hoped. It was a bit flimsy, but I could at least verify fittings worked.

The mock up let me see that I wanted something a bit stronger for the head-mount support so I was able to add another cross brace in before moving on to plywood. I chose a nice cherry one.

The hooks on the back hang on the wire shelf itself and support everything else.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and it does a good job keeping all of the parts together when I’m not using them.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017

Very nice, I see a lot of my projects slotting together like this in the near future.


I hate you! :wink:


What an elegant design! And, way to optimize your use of material–I’m impressed by your layout!


Sweet, very well thought out.


Nice design.
I’ve been pushing to get a Rift at my office for us to play around with.
I’ll have to remember this if they ever give in and buy me one.


Get the HTC Vive - then you’re not constrained to sitting in a chair :slightly_smiling_face: My son built a holodeck at Syracuse using the Vive.


This is great!!! I have plans to design something like that for my work (a VR arcade) when I get my Glowforge! This is wonderful!!


Love it! I’ve got some sketches of what I want to build to hold my Rift - right now it’s just sitting on my desk which is not great.