Getting Ready for Halloween


Getting ready to decorate for Halloween…thought I would make a quick cutting board.


Yes, my siblings are way more creative than me! :grin: Fun Saturday of putting the 'forge to the test!


Bahhh hahh hah :rofl:


Cute! :smile:


Came out great! That’s bamboo, isn’t it? From what I’ve heard that can be a bear to cut, don’t know about engraving.


It engraves well. Bamboo cutting boards are inexpensive and available all over the place. They make a great canvas for creativity.

But, you will see differences in the results sometimes because of the different fibers and both their coloring and density. You’ll want to keep long engraves across the board vs along the length.


That’s awesome.
Is that a Bewitched font? Looks familiar.
And, damn you for putting that horrible song in my head! :wink:


Better than that purple dinosaur one from a few years back.

The one that went:
I love you,
You love me,
We all live in harmony.



I agree, bamboo can make for beautiful engraving as long as you embrace the variation the grass fibers cause. It cuts like iron though, tough stuff!


You must have blocked the song out…lol. It went more like this:
love you You love me
We’re a happy family
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
Won’t you say you love me too

My kids watched it everyday…the first season was good…then the kids got annoying…lol. But it was the perfect show for my kids at the age they were at the time.


When I was a kid, Barney was a man and the purple dinosaur was the neighbour’s dog, Dino.


Did you know that the CIA black sites used to play that as part of the torture of suspected terrorists (at ear shattering levels to keep them awake)


This is a perfect example of a suitable file for bamboo engraving, IMO photo engraving suffers because of the way different lamination take the color differently giving you stripes.


The bamboo cutting boards have been my “go to” project because I know how to do them :slight_smile: I like how well it engraves, and don’t mind the variation due to the grain differences. It definitely would impact photos, but for text I think it works nicely.


The fonts are Delaney and Hello Dina Script. Got them through Font Bundles. The song has been stuck in my head for days! What can I except you’re welcome!


Very festive! Way to get in the spirit :slight_smile:


Funny thing: the system flagged your post as spam because it’s a new account from the same network as @mspricethelibrarian . It doesn’t know you’re siblings!

I fixed it. :slight_smile:


Ha! Thanks @dan


They were still marked as flagged when I came across them and your comment.


Ditto 7hrs later :slightly_smiling_face: