Getting ready for The Last Jedi



I made me some slate coasters that are strong with the Force:

I still have to play around with the levels in the images to get a better contrast, but I’m fairly happy with how they came out.

BTW sadly it’s not my art (but I will not be selling these), the original drawings are by Gregory Titus. For any of my fellow geeks or for the curious people, he does the box art for the Hasbro Black Series action figures, and I figured the art would work great on slate. Just as a suggestion, if you’re trying to achieve medium gray, go way lighter than you think you need.

Also I would like to thank the amazing @Jules for posting some good settings for slate!
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Those coasters are awesome!


Thank you! The art was asking for it, it just lends itself so well for this purpose…


It really does. The shadows and the slate were meant to be paired.


I’m going to be making Star Wars slate after seeing these. Awesome


These look amazing!


Happy cake-day @hkdreams! Look up Gregory Titus, the artist, you won’t be dissapointed!


Thank you!!


Happy Cake Day!!!


Happy Cake Day!


No Porgs??? :slight_smile: