Getting ready for tomorrow

… I need more shelves.

But at least I should be all set on the materials front. I hope. =)


(And I have a second of these closetmaid shelf modules yet to be put together, so I’ve got room to expand. But I definitely need to go pick up some more shelves for it. It’s bothering me that I’ve got the medium and thick plywoods all mixed on a shelf. =P)


Good job, I’ve had a pru for 7 months and I’m not that organized!

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I’m sure it won’t last.

All of my organizational efforts will devolve into chaos. It’s just a rule of nature.

Damn that entropy.


And finally got the last bit of prep work done tonight. A makeshift window-vent block.

It’s not perfect, but it’ll do until I can make a better one.


Think about how the plywood feels.

This sounds like the beginning of an episode of Lockup: Maximum Security!

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Congrats! keep us all posted for when your :glowforge: gets in.

I love your storage solution! Last night I checked in our first order of Proofgrade … had to order some of everything … and quantity of quite a few in preparation. May I just say I’ve had to sort it in boxes alphabetically by wood type, hardwood, and then acrylic … and yes, medium and thicks together.

What happens when my Inventables order comes? Organization is the only way to maintain sanity.

Could certainly use multiple units like this. Looks like 24" wide and 13" deep … any chance you could provide a model number from the one you haven’t put together?

Looks like you have your window ready … all that’s left will be good times!

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It’s this unit from ClosetMaid. There are extra shelf pieces (though they come at 47.72" wide, so you have to rip them down yourself, but hey. Some 5mm shelf pins and off you go.

Sadly the inner shelf width is a bit under 24". You can tell from the non-proofgrade acrylic (including some inventables stuff) on the top of the unit. It’d have been better had that stuff fit on a shelf, but since it’ll have to be cut down to fit into the Glowforge anyway, I’m not too worried about it.

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Thank you very much! It’s a shame they don’t sell shelves in that width … but, can certainly cut.

Appreciate the information!

This one is under $10. It’s 24" wide and a hair (less than 1/2") under 12" deep. I’ve a stack of them for different materials.


It arrived at about 5:30pm, and then I let it sit for a bit to warm up from the 40 degree temps the UPS truck was at.

All four handles were in place on the box.

Sadly when trying to change the name my phone went right to the “completed” screen, so my poor Glowforge is currently named “Glowf” until support can rename it for me. =(

But it’s in its home, and I’m just about ready to start on that Founder’s Ruler.


That’s quite a handsome Glowf.


I like the name! Congrats! :grinning:

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Glowf has a nice ring to it :slight_smile:


I think you should keep the name–it’s got character! And, have fun!

Heh, the name I want to use has far more meaning however.

Assuming the thing behaves and actually lets me use it. Last night it wouldn’t ever calibrate; the head just sat in the one location and never so much as moved a millimeter.

This morning it looks like it’s maybe trying to calibrate, the head has moved twice so far, getting closer to the camera. We’ll see what either happens with it, or with Support getting back to me in that thread.

How did you get all of that :proofgrade: material? Was this picture taken before or after your Glowforge arrived? By the way, I love the shelving unit(great organization)! :grinning::+1::glowforge:

I gave Glowforge money, and they gave me Proofgrade materials. =P

And that was taken before my GF arrived. And as yet none of it has been engraved, scored, or cut. =(

After starting with material sheets stored on shelves, I’m going to recommend keeping them vertical - much easier to flip through to find a specific material.

For example, . They sell it for keeping pans and lids organized, but it’ll work for small sheets of wood and acrylic, and it’s cheap.