GF Basic already on Ebay

I imagine that this price is really only possible until GF is truly commercially available. With a number of high end smaller lasers being sold in the $12k-15K range, he just might sucker someone into paying more than twice the cost of the machine who hasn’t done enough homework. Just high enough to come up in those kinds of searches, just low enough to garner interest.

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…or a competitor of GF looking to dissect one to copy! :grinning:


Jacked up to $12K, but then re-listed at $10K… awesome apartment, looks like a good view!

You should still try for referrals. I got 13 referrals. I think 3 cancelled and 3 more took their place

Heck, I am going to list mine for $9999.99… :smiley:

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Just interested… where are you finding the best place for referrals currently?

I tweeted and Instagram the link in the beginning when I preordered a few times and had it as a pinned tweet. I also I linked in my Facebook company page. On my blog I also hyperlinked “Glowforge” with the referral linked. I don’t know any of my referrals personally. I seriously forgot about it after six months but people must have found it through one of those channels. I had no idea I lost three until I counted the email notification and I got 13. All of these venues are seriously neglected so it’s always a surprise


If you’re looking for referrals, it’s really easy: print something. Post a picture of it on your favorite social media (twitter, facebook, pinterest, whatever). Include your referral link. Repeat.

If you don’t have you Glowforge yet, post designs that you plan to print: sketches, CAD, whatever you’re thinking about.

This is like printing money for folks who do it regularly. :slight_smile:


I have 20 referrals, the quickest way I found was to lookup all of the youtube videos with a glowforge and start spamming the comments sections!

I wish I got some sort of credit for getting more than 10 but hey, $1000 off is a heck of deal for those first ten referrals!

Oh, so that was your posts I kept deleting from the few comments I got doing PRU videos. I went with a referral code on my about page and then decided I didn’t feel it right taking advantage of a perk like that. So I deleted comments from those who posted referrals in the comments, because they didn’t even comment, they just spammed my video.:sunglasses:


Please post your referral code on topics you start, but not on topics others’ start. Thanks!

Maybe there is a way to automatically add the individual referral code to the owner discourse profiles here? That way the non owners, with read only privileges, could award the owners that helped them make their decision.

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Feel free to add your referral code to your profile! And by all means, if you invite someone to your Glowforge, certainly give them your referral code. (That’s another great way to rack up referrals).

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Only if you made a video about the glowforge 2 years ago… i only did that for the first few days because I thought referrals only counted during the pre-order period. So… probably not me.

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