GF Basic already on Ebay

Was just browsing around on ebay and noticed a Glowforge on ebay already! The guy is asking $4,999.00!!! for the basic!

Just curious what everyone’s thoughts are on such a large mark up and also wondering what kind of support/warranty second hand buyers will receive from Glowforge.

I have knocked around the idea of selling mine a few times because a lot has changed in two years! I will most likely keep it just to play around with but I know it will start to collect dust eventually. Still seems like too cool of a product to own!



Looks like they can’t use it anymore since they moved to NYC.

I am on the same boat as you. I sold my house and converted a Sprinter Van to live in and now I am wondering where the heck am I going to put this thing. Just got the e-mail so I still have some time to figure out what I am going to do. Haha

As for the mark up. They own it so they should be able to ask what ever they want I guess. If the demand is there I see no problem with them making a profit.

Just my thought :slight_smile:


I totally agree. If someone will pay that for immediate availability, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them turning a bit of a profit on this.

The overall value for a laser like this is roughly $4K to $5K at least when I did the research for similar lasers back in 2015. I would have listed it the same way. Since for him it’s space that prevents him, then it works out. I would have leased it to a makerspace though


How would a buyer get access to the cloud?
Is ownership transferable?
Or is it just a matter of making them a user and off they go?

I think a couple have been sold - at least one, and that buyer is here. You have to go through Glowforge and transfer ownership.

Why wouldn’t you just cancel your order?


Because some of the early buyers bought the unit for $1995.00 plus shipping. Pretty hefty profit.

See I guess I don’t see it being worth it. You can buy it for only 1000 bucks more than that but of course you have to wait… it will cost you an arm and a leg to ship and God help you if something breaks in transit to them… you become the person responsible for paying to ship it back and refund them or fix it… that profit will quickly be not enough to be worth it to me I guess. Now, if you could sell it locally I guess I can see that!


Hmmmm, I wonder what a used one would go for.

What the what?!? A unit purchased in NOVEMBER 2015 is already received and on ebay… meanwhile my unit purchased Oct 20, 2015, has an estimated email date of Dec. 15, 2017 …

Must be that “all things being equal” algorithm at it again. :roll_eyes:


I noticed that too. I think its equally likely they didn’t double check their order date and just know it was two-ish years ago.

Or at least that’s the benefit of the doubt I’m going to give everyone. For my own sanity. Because otherwise I’m going to be apoplectic.


I’m pretty sure he may have cited the wrong day

I’m one of those buyers. I didn’t pay $5k, so I’m happy about that, but I did pay more than the early pre-order price.

I just contacted Glowforge and they transferred it into my name and set me up a new account.

The base warranty is transferrable (I’ve actually already used my warranty once for a replacement unit), just not the founders perks - catalog credit, store credit, extended warranty, etc.

Guy I bought it from let me order materials using his credit before I transferred to my name, so I was able to get the $150 in proofgrade, but that was a workaround.


I can’t correct people’s order date here (as it would be revealing personal information), but I’ve checked dozens of claims that “X ordered on Y date and got it before me” - and not a one was correct. It’s easy to misremember a date.

Yes - we’re happy to help a Glowforge find a good home. :slight_smile:


The “all things being equal” perk is less of an algorithm and more like an “achievement” in a video game.


@rpegg is right! I bought it for $1995 and I have 9 referrals so I am getting it for $1095.00. That is a hard deal to pass up. When it comes down to it I have many friends and family that would be more then happy to hold on to it for me and if I do decide to sell it I could sell it at a discount and still walk away with more cash in my pocket then I spent.


Just checked Ebay. He has upped the price to $10,000 :open_mouth:


I’d be surprised to see anyone buying at that price.

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