GF Basic for Sale in Chicago - Sold


Truly a lightly-used GF. I just didn’t get into using my Glowforge like I thought I would. This one comes with a custom-made steel, rolling cart with locking casters and two storage drawers (I keep my GF in a closet when not in use), as well as a healthy supply of proof grade materials of all kinds.

FWIW, the print head was replaced a couple of months ago by GF when I reported a focusing issue. It’s all dialed in now. I can do whatever demo you’d like to prove this GF works flawlessly.

$2700, OBO.

I’m in the Chicago area for local pick-up. Send me questions or your best offer.


Thanks for looking.


Interested! I am in need of a second unit to keep up! I am in Fort Wayne, IN.

I’m sorry. I should’ve taken this post down (never got any interest here). I sold the unit.

Added “sold” to the title.

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