GF is one of the best lasers in the market.... but

I have worked with multiple laser machines since the 90’s.

GF is by far one of the best machines built for mass use. It’s simply well built.

Our GF unit has produce more than what we expected under commercial use, when I say commercial use I mean it. It’s a fkn work horse… It has performed flawlessly.

Sadly, their CloudBased software is what made our company revert back of Universal Laser. Otherwise we would have purchased 3 or 4 pro units.

If you are a 1st time laser user working with a budget, you are wasting your money dealing with any other company except GF


This almost reads like poetry. Careful syllable curation might have made it a haiku :wink:

Anwyay, I read it and I was like “what are you getting at?” Like why tell us?

If you’re trying to give feedback to Glowforge, they don’t read this category, and emailing support would be the best way to ensure they see it.

If you’re looking to discuss it, I guess maybe explain what your question/topic ought to be? Then again if you’re not using it anymore I’m not sure why you’d want to chat about it?

Anyway. Let us know if you’re looking for something here and we’ll happily discuss things.

My attempt to haikuify (and paraphrase) your post:

I love my Glowforge
Works so well I would have four
The cloud kept me down


I’m confused as to why the cloud computing is such a problem to you? 99% of the time that I have power I have internet.


You know, you do good haiku. :smile:


GF has NEVER been down , but not knowing what they plan for the future is why we have to purchase for the present.

I suppose that’s sound, depending on your amortization period. To me the bigger issue would be that their support pathway is inadequate for true high volume commercial work. With 4 machines maybe you can be without one for 3 weeks (optimistically) while you get a repair done… but for me I’d want something that was more user serviceable. The cloud thing doesn’t worry me at all by comparison.


My bigger worry is what happens if/when GF goes under? gets acquired? decides to stop supporting older lasers? etc?

This happens with less expensive consumer electronics all the time, and if they’re tied to some cloud service, or some app, they can get bricked.

This can really suck.

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