GF kinda identified PG material from the backside

Just had an interesting experience:

  • inserted used sheet of Draftboard
  • GFUI identified Draftboard
  • finished small job, removed Draftboard
  • inserted brand new sheet of Medium Frosted Acrylic with label down
  • GFUI identified Medium Clear Acrylic

What the …


Huh. Wonder if they’ve started shipping out the stuff with the UV code imprints on the masking.


That was my first thought. Got more :proofgrade: coming tomorrow, and I intend to search it for UV labels.

I wondered that myself, I know it’s coming someday.

Make sure to double-check your auto-ID results. There may be a bug in the UV masking. :wink:

I would be, but there’s no UV masking on the $150.00 sample pack that comes with the :glowforge:. This has to be something new.

Nothing that I know of - that’s odd!

That’s it…they’re becoming sentient. We’re doomed.


Sentient, maybe. But still not too bright. I mean jeez, if you’re going to announce to the world “I can see, and I can identify materials,” one might want to do it right the first time out. How embarrassing. :smile:

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