GF material sold out

NW Louisiana here, wondering if GF PG material will ever be back in stock? I have been looking in the GF SHOP and everything continue to show Sold Out. Is it the Supply & Demand cannot support the upcoming holidays?


They are a small shop and even the big ones are having some supply issues due to the pandemic. They’ve got a box where you can give them your email and they’ll send you a note when that item is back in stock - but it sells out quickly because there are a lot of :glowforge: owners and nobody else sells stuff exactly like theirs!

You can get stuff that’s finished from other vendors, but you’ll need to apply your own masking - and of course it doesn’t come with the :glowforge: guarantee.


Hardwoods are easier to source and can make amazing gifts… maybe this is your cue to branch out? :slight_smile:


Thank you so much. I have tried the alert me email and have not seen an email yet, so I thought I would reach out to the community for the first time of me owning my GF because this is all new for me. I have also ordered material from other vendors but wanted to try to continue using GF material as often as possible.

Thank you again, from your GF sista, “Palms Family”


I totally agree that this is making me think outside of the box. This makes me nervous though because I will have to be careful with my new “member of the family.”

tpalms :palm_tree:


There is not much difference in acrylic as long as it is cast so that will usually be the same everywhere.
Wood is different, but as I am not a fan of MDF, I prefer plywood that has multiple layers of actual wood (though those can have other issues)

As I am usually working the surface in some way having a varnished surface is not an imperative as much either,

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I understand being nervous and oh so careful with your new GF because I was the same way. Now a few years later I’m not nearly so cautious and I treat her more like the middle child lol. Hopefully things calm down and GF can meet with suppliers and get it all sorted out, but in the meantime, you won’t hurt anything by using other wood products. You might have to do a little testing to get your settings dialed in, but we’re here to help if you have any questions or need a little reassurance about a wood product. (Chances are you can find a lot of answers if you use the search button, but if you can’t find something, just ask!)


Can anyone share how long this supply issue has been going on? I only discovered today as I went to put in an order… I.e. has this been the case for months, or just days or weeks? Any sense? Trying to plan for holidays…

Most of this year, especially since the pandemic hammered most supply lines.

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Noticed the same thing. I have been watching the inventory for months now and it has all deleted down to zero.

They tell people to only use proofgrade products and if you get technical support they will usually tell you the problem you are having could be due to you not using their proofgrade products; yet EVERYTHING is out of stock and has been for a long time. Kind of wondering of they are going belly up because the business model seems to be a bit out of kilter…

I was running part my business based on the use of their products and had to completely shift everything to other areas. I MAYBE use my glowforge now once a month to engrave something (non proofgrade). No bueno.

That’s not correct. They can only support PG materials because those have known characteristics that make troubleshooting by customer support staff possible.

However, it’s just a CO2 laser - so any CO2 laser able material works and folks here can help out if you run into issues. Most people use non-PG materials in fact. There are many materials that aren’t in the PG catalog even when stocked. Glass, tile, aluminum, etc. If you’re only doing PG types of materials, there are plenty of sources for acrylic, wood and leather. Many posts here identifying different sources for different materials as well as finishing methods and masking material. PG is good for pre-masked and prefinished wood, but otherwise doesn’t necessarily provide anything you can’t get elsewhere.


branch out…yeah, get it? You know, wood?..branch. :grimacing: :roll_eyes:


That’s interesting they tell people to only use PG products, can you show me where you’ve seen this? Is it in the manual or something?

Yeah, what they say is they cannot guarantee a (for example) cut will work on anything that’s not proofgrade because they don’t know what your material is. Plywood with voids or filling in them, MDF made with non-laserable glue, etc. etc. etc. They can confirm your laser is working by having you test on PG, but you’re on your own if it works but not on the random material you’re using.


The technical team has told me “we can’t support material from other manufacturers,” when I had issues with my machine. They told me this after reviewing my material runs… in other words, they strongly discourage the use of non proofgrade materials - if you run anything else, they won’t cover any issues you may have.

This is inaccurate. If you use material that causes damage to you machine they won’t cover it, but that’s a very specific instance (for example, they person who cut vinyl and it ate his print head)


I think you are making leaps that aren’t there. When they don’t know the specs on a material and have no control over how it’s made or what’s in it, they can’t troubleshoot it for technical and legal reasons, but I have never seen them discourage anyone from using other laser safe materials. They even offer a whole topic section to get help with non-PG material on their official forum and seems to reason if they didn’t want you to use anything else, they wouldn’t allow the free discussion of it here. So once GF can confirm your machine is working OK and it’s an issue with material, they have to step back and let the rest of us offer help. Good news is there are some amazing folks with lots of laser experience on here and if you’re having issues, someone’s bound to be able to help you.


I recently purchased a bunch of wood from:

I couldn’t be happier. Their customer service is amazing and someone actually picks up the phone when you call.

I told them I was in a bit of a bind as I received more orders than I anticipated. They packed and shipped to me on a Saturday… it arrived Monday afternoon!



There are currently 2 products available, out of 33 listed. Arguments about support, etc. aside, I think its not up for debate that the availability and ease of use of proofgrade materials is a selling point for buying into the system. With that in mind, I think an announcement telling us whats going on and when to expect more PG materials wouldnt be too much to ask for. Other outlets have acrylics, and woods but having them masked and barcoded IS something I like.


Dan made an announcement a few months back.

They have no idea when more will be available.