Gf Newbie - Material Size, 3D Printer Table & UK User Questions?

Hi All I have ordered my basic about 2 weeks ago to be shipped to the UK. Still waiting on a delivery date but in the mean time would like to order some material.

What size do people order of non proof grade materials ? 300mmx500mm is what I think I should get but just wanted to get some advise before I order a load.

Also 3mm thick vs 5mm thick ? Do people find they tent to lean towards one thickness for most projects?

Also dose anyone have a table for the GF that also has 3D printers ? I’m thinking about designing and making my own table that will have the GF on the top and 2 3D printers underneath.

Anyone from the UK recently order a basic ? Any updates on shipping times?


Welcome! I hope you enjoy your machine as much as I have.

The most popular thickness of materials depends on what you want to make. I tend to use the thinner (3mm) more than I do the thicker materials, but I mostly make very small projects. If you are building structures you might prefer thicker materials. Also, the 3D engraving works best with thicker materials.

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Proofgrade is 12”x20” for good reason, I’d start there.

Also read all of this, it’ll answer so many of your questions, including a truckload that you don’t even know you have:

Also try searching the forum for “uk”. There are lots of posts about material sources and whatnot.


I buy A4 and A3 MDF lasersheets from by the 100. Nice and easy and about the same price as anywhere else.

You can also check out Hobarts laser supply. They have some decent poplar and birch ply in 3 and 5 mm thickness. You can get a few and try both. Plus they have pdf - Most available already cut 500x300. They have acrylic, too. No, I have not affiliation with them, I just have order stuff from there before. Not in the UK, NL.

Tanks for the reply. I think I will go for mainly 3mm but get a few 5mm sheets to try.

Thanks for the link ill ready up on this. I searched for UK before but it said its to short a search term but ill try some variations. Cheers

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Ill defiantly look into this thanks!

Ive been recommended Hobarts before so i think i will get some sheets for them to start with.
Cheers !

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