GF Offset Flaw

Has GF confirmed that this will NOT BE FIXED via software upgrade?

Has GF confirmed that this issue is caused by hardware flaws and will send a replacement unit should we suffer from said flaw?

If the offset is determined to be outside of acceptable offset parameters, replacement units get sent.

It does become a naming issue again. A user may consider any offset of design placement over the whole bed of the Glowforge or any after image offset after the print a fatal flaw. Glowforge considers offset in certain conditions acceptable and within operational targets.

Offset in its many manifestations has been slowly deminishing, but there are glaring examples of transient problems and some examples of non-fixable through software extra-ordinary offset that call for hardware replacement.


makes sense… thank you.


There are many conditions that can cause alignment to be offset from cutlines. Some are fixable by you (e.g. debris under the crumb tray), some by software that is forthcoming, and some is because of a physical problem that needs to be fixed by warranty exchange. If you email the details of your concerns to Problems & Support, they’ll let you know which, if any, applies to you.


Thank you Dan -