GF Plus HRG-969 for Sale in Los Angeles

Purchased the Glowforge right before the pandemic, haven’t used it for its original intent. It’s been operated for maybe a total of 8 hours maximum. Since it hasn’t been used in a couple of years, it might need to be recalibrated. We have recently plugged it in and confirmed everything still works! Selling for $2400, pick up only as we no longer have the box.

We hope it finds a good home!


Sorry we’ll be losing you - but a quick warning. This forum is open to the public so you probably don’t want to list your wife’s email unless she’s ok with it being scraped by spammers :frowning:

I believe you can change your email address so it defaults to hers, but that may also change your login address.

Good luck on your sale - I wish I were closer to LA!


Thanks for the heads up!


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