GF Pro - First night on a 600kbps 4g hotspot

My Glowforge Pro arrived yesterday, and there I was… Internetless!

I have uncharitable things to say about Spectrum/Time Warner that don’t belong here.

Let’s skip right past that to the part where I hooked up an Alfa R36 (Portable Wireless Router) to an Alfa AWUS036NH (USB WIFI adapter) which then grabbed onto the Verizon Wireless hotspot on a Samsung Galaxy 7, and bingo, we had a good local WiFi LAN, and a steady but low bandwidth connection to The Internet.

I called over some excited pals, and we proceeded to slice up a bunch of non proofgrade wood and acrylic into coasters and rulers and whatever else.

Things to take away from this post:

  1. Scraggly low bandwidth internet works.
  2. If your designs are simple enough, they don’t take all that long to push up to and become available at the forge.
  3. When reading the pdf embedded in the site (or sent to you as part of a mid-expectation email), be sure to click “Continue” on the pdf page before attempting to disconnect from your local network and join the ad-hoc network. If you do this step as you read it, the site won’t load the app that searches for your glowforge on its ad hoc network.

Yes, that Continue button had me stymied for a short time. The document could use some re-wording.


Just moving the ‘Continue’ button to the bottom of the page would help.


Yeah that is likely how I got into no man’s land on Sunday. Glad to say the pews are now pewing.