GF Pro (with air filter) For Sale Florida $5000.00

Price Adjustment!
Selling my Forge and Air Filter
Less than 4 months old. Very low hours, never abused. … WILL DELIVER !! in original boxes, anywhere in Florida - Cash sale only.
Reach me by PM or call: 772-501-3356

You know that’s actually more than the brand new price, right? :wink:

But it sounds like it includes an air filter.

@rebeccahose you might want people to PM you and remove your email address. Otherwise a bot might pick it up and spam you (this is a public forum)…

Ahhh, okay, I missed that.

Carry on. :slight_smile:

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Yeah… I hate to plan on people proposing a lesser price, but apparently that’s a thing. So, started at the imaginary happy price.


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