GF saves the day! A superhero story

It was a dark and stormy night…

Okay it was just dark. My wife and I were in bed winding down for the night when we heard a crash from the kitchen! A quick investigation showed nothing out of place so we went back to bed.

The next morning we found the culprit with the help of some daylight. There it was, unmoving, slightly off kilter. A drawer slide had decided its time was done and broke in half.

Within minutes the GF was swooping in with a rescue attempt. The first one failed but the GF is never one to quit. Rolling up its sleeves it gave another go and this time fixed the broken drawer once and for all!

Everyone rejoiced and all was right with the world again.



Excellent story! :smile:
(I love a happy ending!)


Quick thinking; now your drawers are properly supported.


…and they lived happily ever after. :innocent:
Excellent solution. Being able to describe the needed dimension with the accuracy of a laser has become an afterthought. :sunglasses:


That is one of my fav things about the :glowforge: making stuff I need out of stock.

Well done.

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This story made me laugh and smile!!! Great job!

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Great solution.

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but weren’t you …

all seated around the campfire. and then the captain says “Antonio tell us a story.”

and this is how the story went.

“it was a dark and stormy night”
“they were all seated around the campfire”


Quite resourceful! And faster/easier than buying installing all new hard ware. Way to go

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Thanks everyone! Is it an obsession when you try to think of a way to use your GF every day? That’s not unhealthy right? Right?


My favorite kind of project. Remind me to tell you how I fixed my dishwasher basket sometime!


Great job! Excellent work.

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