GF ship date?

When I ordered my GF (from Glowforge) I received a confirmation email with an estimated delivery date of 11/8. The email also said I’d receive a tracking number when it shipped. The delivery date is now 2 days away, but still no tracking number. What is your experience with GF shipping? Do they send the tracking number, & how accurate are their estimated delivery dates? Just wondering whether I should expect to see it this week or if I should not get my hopes up. Thanks!

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It’s hit or miss. There are lots of threads on the forum about this, but it’s hard to separate the signal and noise.

You should get two packages, sometimes they arrive before the shipping number. It’s really dorked up.


I don’t know the current circumstances but for some time the “delivery date” was the estimated time that it would be shipped. The actual date could still be off by a week, and in my case, it arrived before the estimated date by two weeks, and I had to scramble to get it set up and it still blocked the entry for several days.


thanks. I take it you never received a notice that it had shipped, with a tracking #?

I check my emails a ton, usually related to work. I got several email confirmations, but then they’d disappear in like 10 minutes. I eventually just contacted them through email to confirm the shipping. So try emailing them.

If you sign up for FedEx alerts you can get information before they send emails. I get texts with tracking info sometimes a few days before an email from Glowforge store, and then get the email it’s been shipped the day of it arriving. This is for material, but could apply to machines. I ordered my machine through Amazon. A FedEx account is a nice way of keeping track of all shipments from Glowforge. Even if you delete your texts you can go into your account online and it will have a list of all tracking numbers you’ve been looking into.


Sign up for FedEx alerts. That will be the only way you know that it shipped and when delivery will be. Glowforge does not ship the units, they ship directly from the factory that makes them for Glowforge.

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You might want to sign up for UPS as well - that’s how mine was delivered.


Thanks everyone, for your suggestions. The GF arrived today, exactly on schedule. I never did receive a shipping notice, and I was signed up for both FEDEX and UPS and the shipment was not listed on either one. I was up working in my shop when it arrived, fortunately I have a ring doorbell so I was able to run down and sign for it. I got it set up and did the test cut, everything looks great! Thanks for you help.


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