GF Shop. Purchasing from there

If we need to replace the top packing foam pieces GF expects us to pay $250 for it?

Wouldn’t surprise me. It’s not the cost of the foam (although they did say it cost them a bundle to get tooled & supplied) but the size and shipping. The weight is meaningless to UPS or FedEx - it’s the oversize box it’s going to come in that counts. They (and therefore you) will get charged “dimensional weight” - aka what UPS thinks something that size should weigh so they can charge you for the volume you’re taking up in the trucks that could have been used for more heavier stuff that they also could charge more for.

Kind of like the Alternative Minimum Tax & the IRS :wink:

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And that’s why they warn you in the Manual to SAVE Those Packing Parts :slight_smile:

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If we had them from the start we would still have them!

You bought your machine second-hand, right? That sucks that they didn’t give you all the packing materials. I think a lot of people are going to get screwed over by stuff like this buying second hand because there’s no way to know… :frowning:

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Yes that is correct. Our machines have made the trip to us from various parts of the country just fine packed with out the factory materials. I realize that the OEM packing is optimal but not at $250 to replace just the top packing foam. The way it actually reads on the Shop is that you are buying the whole box kit. We do not need the whole box kit. But there is no other option to get that foam to be able to send in your GF to be repaired or for what ever reason.

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If there’s another GF owner nearby, you could always ask to borrow theirs for a ship back if you need to. They’re probably just keeping it in their basement or attic waiting for when they might need it. You’ll get it back when the machine is returned.

Now there’s a Business opportunity “Glowforge Shipping Material Rental”


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