Gf support service nightmare

If you are living a real nightmare with your machine please contact me!

If you are a GF lover, cheerleader, bully, or is just super duper happy please restrain from answering.

This post is for unhappy, pissed people that regret from having made the decision of buying it.

Thank you so much, have a great day!

Posting in this forum section has opened a support ticket, so they will be along in a day or 5 with a response.

If you want to rant, you’re better off in the regular discussion forum section - I suggest Everything Else. Moving this won’t close the support ticket.


Thank you. Now is everywhere

That will get you banned, at least temporarily, but you do you.


Doesn’t sound like she will care. What I don’t understand is that there are several other forums that would make so much more sense to use as a platform for this conversation.

Seems to be the new trend right now, Support is overwhelmed, so everyone seems to be creating multiple tickets and sending several new emails thinking it will give them the edge to get a response before the person ahead of them with only 6 active support tickets… Must be some good FB advice going around.


It’s really nothing new, in my experience.

Just due to volume of customers, we see more of it, plus the failbook mentality that has slowly migrated over here.

Some owners think “they paid a lot” when in fact they bought an absolute budget product, and the drawback is the company doesn’t have 100 support techs waiting for your call. When the Glowforge was announced, I knew full well how cheap it was compared to other serious products at the time, and jumped on it.


So the Roundup class action withered and the lawyers asked you for a list to see if there is a new target?

Good luck, since there are a lot more people who knew what they were getting into when they bought their Glowforge than those who did not.

Just curious. How long is your list?

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Hello, We have worked to try to provide a solution to your concerns, we are sorry that none of those options are meeting your request. For now we have moved this post to the Everything else section on the forum.

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