Another audio device that leverages the lasers capabilities quite a bit.

Giacinto Kickstarter


This is beautiful, and thoughtfully done. And, the inventors are little cinnamon rolls.


That mustache… I… I cant take it seriously…


Innovative, lightweight and small footprint for a desktop.
My Brother-in-law builds custom speakers, and he is adamant about a solid, air tight cabinet to back up the drivers.
If the housing flexes or loses pressure, the drivers - especially the LF loose a corresponding response.


Right? If I was ever to build speakers they’d be concrete or the like.

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Che simpatici questi ragazzi! Can’t speak on the sound tech, but the leather and design are fetching!

so are you saying that because the leather is a flexible material, these wouldn’t have the same highs and lows as something with a solid wooden or plastic chassis?

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They are, indeed, little cinnamon rolls! :slight_smile:

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As I understand it the response is not all it could be. He is an audiophile, and has a better ear - and I believe the physics.
That being said, I don’t have the ear of a dog and can hardly tell the difference between lossless and and a compressed format like mp3.
He has been building speakers and retailing/repairing audio equipment for 35 years, so his knowledge and experience far outstrip mine. I believe him.

Super rad!

If you were comparing these little speakers with a nice studio monitor or a club stack, no way, they will fall flat. They have to, because as @printolaser mentioned… physics.
But most people do not have a pair of Mackies or ATCs. In fact these days, many people listen to everything on the micro speakers in their phones or earbuds. So much so that many music producers are changing the way they master pop music, ditching the low frequency spread and focusing on the mid and high range (which also happens to fit well with compressed audio.)
So these little Giacinto speakers, IMHO, should be compared to to other small portable speakers… like the Beats Pill :disappointed_relieved:.
I think that they are way cooler looking than a pill.
An old classmate of mine, Rafe Arnott, writes for Part Time Audiophile. If you want to drool over high-end audio equipment, then his articles are a good place to start.