Gift Acrylic Rulers

Made a bunch of custom rulers as gift for a quilt guild. 40 some customized rulers out of the medium clear acrylic.

And I like how they came out!

These are engraved on the “back”. I used “flip” in Inkscape to reverse the image before engraving.

I used this engine to create my base ruler.

Just remember- those are lines in the ruler … so you need to make sure they have a good stroke, convert to object, and then a fill for the engrave. (wasted some time forgetting that step).


They look great! :grinning:

I’m sure the recipients were surprised!

The vector ruler maker is worth the price of admission! Nice share.

Had to use a 67.49500 scale over 48 inches to get it right in Inkscape

What do you mean by your scale comment?

Selecting the whole ruler gives me a 36" wide object. Note the 1/2" grid lines.

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I used this file today to create a ruler, too. Mine was on wood, but I really like your flipped image on acrylic!