Gift Box retro camper trailer (desk organizer)

This is an alternative idea to the retro camper in the catalogue titled Retro camper Desk Organizer. Instead of having doors on both sides the SVG can be modified. See below. *
I made Valentine license plates stickers using my Cricut joy and writable vinyl.
You can install the back hinge piece upside-down so that the license plate shows. (there was a comment that you could not see the plate 2021).
You can then put a gift inside the camper. I used a small orchid that I found at Safeway. I was thinking of Valentines Day.

*Several parts of the original SVG are ungrouped and modifiable. For one side of the trim, I deleted the door but left the window. You can extend and delete the lines to keep the trim below to make them one piece.
I cut the wheels out of black, the trim out of red acrylic to eliminate the need to paint it.
Alternatively, I oiled everything but the trim and left the unfinished wood trim plain it turned out nicely as well.
More pictures will be posted


If you meant to include a file (which is the point of this forum section) you need to use the Upload button, or drag the file into the text area when you compose your post. You can edit your post and add the file using the Edit button after-the-fact.


I added photo and SVG but deleted it due to comment

Your SVG file does not appear to have anything in it. Just the Glowforge text at the bottom.

Did you try to export something?


That looks like the camper from the catalog?

I don’t think you can just export it and offer it for free?


You can’t export catalog designs.


I cannot include it as it is a file I purchased from the catalogue see next comment

I was surprised it let me but I deleted it. The whole idea was to suggest a cute design alternative.

See edited text.

See edit.

You can post your photo in the Made on a Glowforge section of the forum and explain that you made modifications to the catalog file.


It didn’t let you export it – none of catalog pieces were included. The reason the export function is there is so that you can save any custom additions you make, like text.


Post pictures of your modifications and this could be moved to “Made on a Glowforge”; your changes sound like they could be interesting and helpful to others.