Gift Box with Living Hinge

Even though the Facebook Laser Engraving & Cutting group has animosity toward us, they remain a wonderful source for projects and ideas.

This nifty box was recently shared out there.

Though I still feel the best term for this method of cutting wood to be flexible is “living hinge” it is valuable to remember it is useful for far more than just hinges.

And the cartonus website seems to have a few other useful gems available.

The sales model for the patterns is rather interesting. He shows you the non-vector full cut image right on the page, and then I guess assumes that the cost of the pattern is low enough nobody will bother to just vectorize the freely available template (For me that is certainly true. It would likely take about 30 minutes to get a fully working vector version of the box, so for $7… I would absolutely buy the existing file instead)


Another great find, you guys just make my book marks list get longer and longer.
Takes me 30 minutes to read through my list to find what I want.
Thanks for the link.


The same happen to me, I have a full folder with ideas and i cant wait to have my glowforge to start creating the fabulous things i see here


I’m certain the appellations “Art Nouveau” and “Elegant” must be typeface names. Good starting point, I’m sure the more artistic among us could come up with something a little less inelegant.

For great designs like this one, I too will pay for the file. i have bought a couple off that site and they all worked great.

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