Gift for a local distiller

On a random weekend me and the girlfriend where doing errands and we drove past a craft distillery. had our self a tour and tasting! and a REALLY good time and the guy was great. so I decided I would make some coasters for the bar for them. with the holiday and everything else going on I have not had a chance to deliver yet

PG med cherry ply, default settings took 45 min per coaster


That ought to net you tasting privileges. :grinning:

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Probably because IIRC it’s using 450DPI - you might give it a try at 270 & see how they look. You may find that the extra resolution of the defaults doesn’t show appreciably in the final product and cuts down on your time to process a lot. I rarely go above 270 unless I’m doing aluminum which seems to be able to take advantage of the higher resolution engraves.


Ya I realized that half way into the run, had to do 4 at a time due to software limits. But I didn’t want to change the settings due to it may look diffrent so I bit the built and laser for days