Gift for coaches


I worked with another softball team parent to create a few custom gifts for the kids’ coach and assistant coaches.
I tested several settings and modified the artwork as I went to get good contrast and legibility. The settings were fairly basic, but getting the engrave values took some experimentation.
The process was easier than i thought t would be.
It was a fun project.


What a great idea! Those look awesome! :grinning:


That’s a great gift for the coaches! Really nice design, they’re going to love them!


I’m adding a bit about the process.
Basically, the other parent sent me a screen grab image that I turned into a grayscale image, traced in Illustrator CS6, and cleaned up there.
I converted the image to vector to easily adjust the engrave intensity… More later


Excellent job—the coaches will love them!


I’m sure they will be appreciated! Very nice!