Gift of Good Measure - File Deleted and its not at the Bottom

I cut the GGM but it didnt cut correctly. When I initially cut it I added some of those pegs with it. The pegs came out crappy but usable. I want to cut the GGM again but when I opened it the pegs were there. I tried to delete the pegs but they wouldn’t move. When I reopened the file in the GF directory the pegs were still there. Someone suggest I delete the file and I did and now its not there anymore. Can anyone share the GGM with me… and before you say scroll to the bottom I have only the metric one remains and I would like the one in inches… thanks

The Gift of Good Measure is a Glowforge provided file, so it should be set up to refresh to the original. Close the file and go back to your Dashboard. Then open the file again and click on the Information icon in the top row, then choose Reset Design in the popout.

(And just FYI, we can’t share files created by others here, even free Glowforge ones. It’s their intellectual property, they’re the only ones who can share them.)

So when I closed and went back it kept opening to what I had originally. I deleted the file from GF it self the only file that remains is the metric file…

So who do I go to to get the file back? I want to reprint it it didn’t print correctly the first time.

Oh, you deleted it from the Dashboard? You’ll probably need to have Support reinstall that for you. They insert it directly into the Glowforge interface.

Before you do this…did you click on the “Show All Files” button at the bottom of the Dashboard to make sure it still isn’t in there, just hidden?

If you do that and it’s really gone, you can either open a new ticket by opening a new Thread in the Problems and Support section, or you can send an email directly to They can reset it for you, but they don’t monitor the threads anywhere except that category from the forum.

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yesssssssssssssss :upside_down_face:

Yes I clicked “Show all Files” its gone I physically selected and deleted it as someone suggested I do that. I did try to go to chat and of course no one is there… so I am waiting again :upside_down_face:

Okay, you might want to just open a ticket in Problems and Support then. They won’t get to it immediately, but they’ll eventually see it there.

I just lost my ISP so signing off. Someone just cut the cable again. :rage:

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Oh no what in the world! Im sorry about that thanks for helping!

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