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So I have been struggling getting any kind Precision from my Refurbished Glowforge
I already have a support Ticket moving at the moment.

But I thought I would show you how I made 1 in each corner of the glow forge , and they only way I could use my Glowforge was to cut something in the Upper right hand corner , everything else was a miss and now I know why.

I dont think any of them are perfect but I would like to see what you glowforge can do .
These 4 were cut at the same time and the Cut was fine no issues , just not able to keep circles in place or keep alignment after a first pass.


Caption top : this is your brain
Caption Bottom: This is your brain on drugs


This is what it normally looks like. Photographed when testing some replacement lenses.

It looks like you probably have a cracked wheel somewhere. I’m sure the support staff will be able to help you pinpoint it and fix or replace it soon.


Oh wow thank you this, I had no idea it was suppose to be like that, mine has never been like that. I was thinking it was the Camera and not a crack wheel but I will certainly look for that, Thank you so much.


I might have found the problem < seems the bets got a little loose over the years , Once i tightened them up i got a better result.


For future reference:


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