Gift tags - bonus

Tomorrow is the gift exchange with my family.

1/8” Baltic birch, craft paint before going into the Glowforge.
Tiny tabs (they have a name) hold a 2-d ornament in place for punching out later.


Now that’s a really cool idea! Might steal it.


Which is precisely why I put it here.
All my friends, family, neighbors, and limited associates know that I have a laser.
Every package has some lasered component, too. Not because I am trying to be laser lady, but because they are better and personal that way.
Feel free to iterate, take inspiration, copy, and steal the idea.


Nice work there! Love that dual purpose idea. :sunglasses:

Very cool! The personalized touch adds so much to a gift. :grinning:

I love it. Being able to reuse the tag is wonderful. Every year people will look forward to the next one you come up with.

Very clever! The ornaments alone are a great gift. :slight_smile: