Gifts that only look super expensive!


My favorite thing to do on the Glowforge is to create custom meaningful gifts for the people in my life. I made this gift set for a good friend’s birthday:

The luggage tag was made with leather sewn to proofgrade maple hardwood


I made the keychain out of leather, acrylic and 2 layers of maple ply


My friend is studying to become a teacher for blind kids, so I made a bracelet with proofgrade thick cherry plywood and engraved it down so that the “Julia” in braille remained and is readable with the fingertips. The wood is sewn to the leather, and rivets were used to help the folded leather hold its curve


And, because you can when you have a laser, I made the perfect package to put it all in!

She loved all of it!


Great project … And presentation!


I love it too! Great personalization and presentation! :grinning:


You, are one thoughtful friend. That is all amazing and inspirational.


Very well done!

(Maybe this one will work.)


Thank you!


Such a classy collection of designs!


That will be remembered by her long past other store bought gifts!


It looks lovely and so thoughtful too. I especially love the bracelet for the children to feel the name.


Wonderful execution of a concept, and I love the Braille connection.


How could she not love all of it?! This is fantastic. It looks like you used some nice cardboard for the custom packaging? I like how that all fits in there. The wood sewn to the leather is a nice touch as well!


Creative and Handmade Gifts are the most precious! Great Job - everything looks so amazing!


Everyone has really said it all, but I needed to chime in as well…wonderful gift, great skills. Really incredible.


Yeah inverted engrave for the braille is a wonderful idea, and the fitted packaging, very professional.


This is excellent. Great design and craftsmanship. I usually stuff gifts to friends and family into an old soup can or crushed cereal box. This gives me some ideas that I’m sure will improve their reaction.


Literally the whole package is fantastic.