Gimme an E, gimme an M, an A, an I, an L!

Two days ago I saw a post that an email had been received for an order placed the morning of 9/27, and because I ordered that evening two long years ago, I started checking my email seventeen times a minute rather than the usual three.

And then, yesterday afternoon, it came: “Would you like your Glowforge now?”

Ohhhhh, I suppose. :wink:

Time to clear a space, dig out all the scraps of material I’ve been hoarding, browse the store, study the manual, and prioritize the long list of project ideas! Fingers crossed for a speedy, undamaged delivery!

Details for those keeping track:
Ordered 9/27/15 6:51 pm
Basic, no filter


Yay!!! :tada::tada::tada:

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Congratulations! :grinning::confetti_ball::tada::balloon::sparkles:

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Glad you got your email. Looks like they are moving pretty fast now. :grin:


Congratulations! :smile:


In the infamous words of Post Malone “Congratulations”:clap: :zap: :cloud_with_lightning::hamburger::doughnut:

Awesome!!! :space_invader::space_invader::+1: