Gingerbread house... made on a Glowforge

Had some fun for my holiday party this weekend by making a Gingerbread house from my house. The windows are cut, and the shutters are etched.

It was wicked fun. Do you like?

Original House:

Gingerbread House:


I’m glad to see the possibilities. Nice job.

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Epic! You can’t possibly eat that.

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Who eats a gingerbread house?! I just assume they’re always nasty and stale. The laser burns are the least of anyone’s culinary concerns. LOL


Apparently Hansel and Gretel( disagree.

In their defense it sounds like starvation may have been involved.


great job

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Now you just have to decorate your house with some icing and candy, and they’ll be identical! :slight_smile:

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Sweeeeet! :sunglasses:

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which settings did you use for this?