Girl, let me see that glowforge

San diego map thingy

Detail shot

Clock thingy - based on this guy


Wow that map is amazing! I need to find a good tutorial on how to make maps… What did you make it on?

Clock looks good too!


Easiest way is to use a custom google map. Search for it, there are a few out there that let you rapidly customize colors. Go basic for lasering.

After that, I had to be a bit fancy as I wanted a level of detail that was zoomed in per panel in terms of roads, but that detail disappears at the level of zoom of the entire map… so I had to do it piece by piece, cut it into chunks that fit in the glow forge…

If you look online most maps use layers for different detail too, I didn’t do that here and regret it as the layers help break up the monotony.


That’s massive! Personal projects?


Cool maps!


I used this tutorial

MX 0:00 / 11:32 How To: Laser Cut & Engrave City Maps - Adobe Illustrator

to make this lifemap



Yeah I got the idea in my head and didn’t think through how much work it would be :slight_smile: I pretty much hated it by the end, but its done, so hooray!

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Really nice map!

Oh forgot to mention, the reason the gaps between the map are bigger horizontally is to leave room for San Diego, California. Still need to print that though.