Girl Power Earrings

Made these last night for the upcoming Women’s March!


Can I ask where you got the findings?

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Pretty color! Is that one of the Proofgrade offerings?

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You can order these through Amazon or find them at a local craft store. I have to use locking leverback ones because I used to stretch my ears so regular hooks fall out all the time :slight_smile:

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Are you marching for anyone specific?

I wish my pint sized Polish Babcia was still around to do that with. She was from a generation that never drove, didn’t vote, didn’t dare try to fix anything. Her world was as big as the street she lived on, the church, community centre and the people in it.

A generation that believed they couldn’t their entire lives.


I believe this is one I got from Inventables, but I had some depth issues and had to run the 1/8" non-PG on the “thick” setting. The color is actually very underrepresented in this photo. It’s a much nicer, bright florescent pink.

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Marching for women and men around the world to show that we are paying attention and that we won’t take injustices lightly :slight_smile: I especially march for my young niece and my mother, who didn’t for a second let me think I couldn’t do anything I wanted to because I’ve got different bits and bobs. :hugs:


Wear them and march with pride and joy!