Girlfriend laser cut me into some wood. First photo to laser attempt

Came out pretty cool. She calls it ‘Turtle’ because I was sorta ducking into my plate sitting down. In terms of the platemail I am wearing… I always wanted a set of plate as a little kid… I said I’d get one one day… and well… I have a talent for hitting most of my goals… even the stranger ones!

I read through the forum and I decided to remove the coating the basswood plywood and set the speed manually and power since the preview I was seeing was mostly just a black cutout and no detail… I followed someones advice and tried LPI 340, power 80 (OK fine so it was on 79) and speed 800. Converted to dots and did not touch anything else. What do you think?! Also pictured is where it lives on my shelf now.


Looks great! all you need is two swords to br Lobster Florentine.


Very nice! If you don’t care for the smoke stain you can always remove it with alcohol, but it looks pretty good as is too.


Turned out really well!

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Lookin’ good! (perfect in the shelf arrangement there) :grinning:


I’m glad you’re practicing laser safety, but this might be a little much.