Give that wiggly GF tray the boot!

Thanks, I think he turned out pretty awesome. :wink:


I wonder how much variation there is between chassis… Glad a minor tweak made things happy!


If I were you, I’d get your money back.


Chuckle! :smile:

Hey,I can identify. I’m an introverted type, but the anonymity of the monitor/keyboard allow us to extend (safely) a bit further out of our shells. :wink:

Killer solution to the tray zero position issue. Nice work Tim. :sunglasses:


Awesome, going to have to cut me a pair of those boots.

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I’ve been wanting to make an oversized cat scratcher using the pass through. But I keep worrying about alignment.

I’ll install these before I try again!


I guess these boots weren’t made for walkin.’



Very much this. I’ve had people comment that I’m much quieter in person than they expected, after meeting me first online. It’s a great medium for us “I” folks. :wink:

Someone I knew used to refer to himself as a “gregarious hermit.” Said he liked people just fine – but only one at a time. :wink:


that’s not what they do… :smiley:

maybe they shoulda been concrete shoes? :rofl:

And being the younger brother of a sister, I totally agree with all the sentiments posted here. To this day I cringe any time I see someone making a pinching gesture with their fingers… which is like everyone now that we have mobile devices… it’s like PTSD hell.


Aww, I’m sorry! I was a nice sister. And @timjedwards wasn’t ever one of those little brothers who needed pinching. The OTHER two, now – they’re a whole 'nother story! :wink: (One of them STILL needs pinching, regularly!)


Huh, what?




When you slide the tray forward, does it rest back into the grooves? Is the height of the tray surface the same as without the boots?

yeah my sis dint really pinch much, but I couldn’t think of a good name for the “Tickle Monster Gesture”… huh, I guess that was it… LOL.

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Oh, @timjedwards needed a LOT of tickling. No pinching, but definitely plenty of tickling. :wink: (He had the BEST giggle!)


How widespread is this movable crumb tray problem? I can’t seem to get mine to move at all once it’s in the dimples.

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That is a most excellent question! I went to measure with the calipers and mine was indeed a wee bit higher than without the boots, but that was rectified with a bit of sanding on the ends of the “toes”.

Based on this adjustment plus @Jules saying hers was a bit tight, I’ll amend the design this evening after testing a fresh-cut pair of replacement boots.

I think it’s common on pros, but I don’t know about basics.

Mine’s a Pro.

Is your front shield installed? That may help firm things up for you.