Giveaway Items (bridal expo)

Hey Glowforge Community!
My company is a vendor for the 3rd year at a local Bridal Show where our custom handmade ties are a hit!

Since I now own my own machine, I am looking to create a small giveaway item I can give to each person who gives our social media a follow and is interested in being a potential client.

Hey points:
•Usually 300 couples
• want to give them an item that can be useful, not just sit on the shelf
•I don’t want to break the bank just to get follows
•I am going to do an overall giveaway for a package deal but would like to give a tangible item to people to walk away with!

Any and all ideas are greatly appreciated!


300 of them. Time is a concern.

I’d start looking at some of the big engraving material makers for corporate gifts like keychains etc that you can personalize.

“Break the bank” is relative. Time is money, buying small personalizable things might be well worth it for the time savings.

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I was thinking about coasters with the
‘bridal expo’ logo but they take about 4min each * 300 = 1,200min.

I may have to pass on making this one and just buy something

So you can speed that up by making a stamp. Stamp plus ink pad plus fiber coasters, boom.

Rubber stamp material is easy to get (search the forum) or you can even do it with wood (search the forum for woodblock), if alignment is key then you’ll probably want to make a jig to make the stamping more accurate but if it were my project I’d try to make the design less fiddly and alignment sensitive in order to make it easier on you.

You’d do the one engrave process and then just absolutely crank out coasters.


(You can also get fiber coasters pre printed for almost nothing added to the cost but if you make a stamp and even stamp them as you hand them out it’ll make an impression)

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Heck make two or three designs and let people choose and stamp them themselves. Conversation starter.


Or score instead of engraving—that goes a lot faster.


LOVE IT. Just made a stamp yesterday with the rubber block I bought on Amazon, genius, thank you!

I assume I can stamp the material then spray polyurethane over it so the ink doesn’t smear from the perspiration of the drink?

That did cross my mind :face_with_monocle: I may need to try that as well, thank you!

If you stamp with Stazon ink it is waterproof and will not smear. Available in your local craft/hobby store or Amazon.


Perfect, thank you @cynd11 , @evansd2 !