Gixie Clock

I don’t think you could make this cheaper.


Whew! Gorgeous, but no thanks.

(Did you notice they snuck in some Papyrus font on their advertising?)


Hmm are these side lit acrylic like a lixie?

And no, you can’t beat that price, definitely not with true nixies.

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Doesn’t seem to be like the “Lixie” tubes of acrylic. Not sure what a RGB LED tube would be. Wonder if it is fine el wire.

Not sure rgb el wire exists?

Maybe it’s a side emitting fiber optic tube? Seems less likely. I suspect edge lit. Who knows? If I didn’t already have a nixie clock I might consider it.

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Definitely edge-lit acrylic. Here is the project to build your own.

I just can’t see how he will be able to build the “tubes” for less than $10 a piece.


Looks interesting! Certainly a lot cheaper than the one I bought, though I don’t see any mention of what kind of tubes they are. I’m guessing, as others have said, it is some kind of edge lit acrylic which is really quite a bit cheaper.

Here is the one that I purchased a few months ago. It uses the authentic IN-8 tubes (which are a bit larger). It was about $170 shipped to the US. It works really well and I put one of those smart outlets on it that turns it on in the evenings after I get home from work.

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I think it’s beautiful work, but I just want to order it and not wait. Why can’t you just ship?

Obligatory video:

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