Gizmag refers to GF Kickstarter campaign - oops


"After a record shattering Kickstarter campaign that netted the company more than $27,900,000 in purchases in less than thirty days…"

Oh boy…

Edit: Dan agreed. Say what!?
“Shapiro: … Right now we’re expecting to deliver to our Kickstarter backers during the first half of 2016. For orders placed now, most likely Q3, 2016.”

Is this a scam? (Answer: No)

The only thing weird here is that Dan called it Kickstarter.

That’s pretty much the same timeline (or better) that’s been explained in ~87 other threads here. Dan has made it no secret that “first units” will ship in Dec (which we ASSUME means maker spaces & Seattle buyers), and then once they get some feedback based on real-world use from those units, production will be tweaked as-needed and then the remainder will roll out over the next few quarters, with all pre-sale units ideally shipped by Aug '16.

Sorry, but there’s no “oh boy” or “say what” about this.


It was not a Kickstarter campaign, Mike… (read the post title).
That’s the point. Nothing else.

And my ‘oh boy’ refers to poor journalism - do you think Dan really reffered to his Kicktarter backers?

To me it’s very significant that GF, as a new company, was able break a crowdfunding record without using a crowdfunding campaign. That’s another record. And to me as a product developer, that is at least interesting. Gizmag seem to have missed this completely.


Ah - got it. Sorry. I thought it was about the shipping. Yeah you are right - definitely odd that the called it Kickstarter.


It’s just becoming a generic for crowdfunding, like Kleenex and Xerox before it. This isn’t a big deal.


LOL. I suppose you could say Kickstarter is the “iconic” crowdfunding platform. What do you think, @bridget?


Sure, but if you’re one of the web’s biggest tech sites, facts matter.
And I’m not sure I would be happy if I were misquoted like that if I were GF and if I achieved that goal precisely without Kickstarter.


Well, considering you have no idea if it’s a misquote


Indeed, this is true