Gkid likes to “weed” 😊



I like to weed living hinges too! :smile:
(Not so much some other kinds of detailed cuts.)


A business opportunity for you, lets send all our “weeding projects” to @Jules! :slight_smile:


Oh that’s okay! :smile:


There is something about long continuing pulls like this.


Yeah, I can totally understand that! As long as it’s a living hinge being weeded.

And sometimes the weeded masking looks cool enough that I feel I should be doing something creative with it.


I love that picture! Gkid looks lost in contemplation of laserness.


Now that’s a really cool looking living hinge!


Thanks! I’ll be posting it in the freebies section once I get final fit, etc. all tweaked to my satisfaction, so stay tuned. :blush:


My kid just rolls her eyes and walks away.