Gkid's Bedroom Sign (in which Grandma's Hard-Earned InkScape Skills are Trounced by an Eight-Year-Old)

Me: “Want me to make a sign for your bedroom?”

Gkid: “YES!”

[brief pause while we use Google Fonts to find a font she likes]

Me: “So, you type your words in like this, and change it to a path. You can draw stuff like this. It uses lines instead of little dots, and these are nodes; they hold the lines, and these little handles let you shape the…”

Gkid: [reaches across and takes over my mouse] “Here, let me do it.”

Me: wanders off to look for something to do that doesn’t require my computer…

20 minutes later, give or take…

Gkid: “Okay, it’s ready.”

Me: [expecting to have to do major edits] “Ummm…hmmm. Looks good. You just need an outline for the sign. That one is the shape of the whole piece of wood. Here, use this tool to make a rectangle…that little dot makes the corners curved…”

Gkid: “I can do it.” Grabs the mouse

3 minutes later…

Gkid: “There, I’m done.”

Me: “It’s kind of off-center, want me to show you how to align…”

Gkid: “No, I want it like that. It’s STYLE.” She emphasizes the last word with a little head toss and pose reminiscent of someone twice her age…

Me: “…”

_The colors are her plan for how to paint it. I was instructed to just do the outlines. _


Go Celia!


It’s genetics. :smile:
(She obviously got the knack.)


Her sign looks better than my signs…


I like how you say you “were instructed”. That girl knows her style, and don’t mess with her art!


Awesome! Be sure to show us the completed project.


Too funny!


Kids always have more knowledge and ability than we realize. How wonderful to have a Glowforge to expand on that! Love her sign!

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