Glass bottle etching

After successfully etching some glass panels I decided to move on to some bottles. I had to remove the tray and make several measurements to try and get the desired focus height (it didn’t work) The bottles I had where too large to fit under the head and in the focus range of the laser… but it worked anyway. I measured my tray depth to be 1.349" so max focus height is 1.849" and my bottles are 2.23"… not in range. I wanted to try anyway so using my previous settings of 950/100% and lines/inch of 340 I got some pretty good results. Couple of comments, the glass was wavy so further variations in the required focus. I didn’t use any soap, oil, or coating for cooling as the glass was rather thick. I did have to clean up the etch with my fingernail, but it still came out as desired, cool.GlassBottle_3


Sweet! :sunglasses::+1:

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Are you sure that’s the depth from the bottom of the machine and not the bottom of the crumb tray? Seems a little shallow.

The height I am referring to is from the bottom of the machine to the top of the honeycomb on the crumb tray,

I agree with markwal that seems a bit … low.

If you’re just trying to use a caliper end down into the crumb tray you’ll only hit the bottom of the tray, which is higher than the base of the GF with the tray removed. You’d have to measure next to the tray on the outside edge to get the height from the base of the GF.

tray_measureI measured next to the tray which measured 1.49" then I subtracted the 0.10" from the lip of the tray down to the honeycomb of the tray.


Ok… Closer to 1.4 makes more sense to me based on my memory of the measurements I did on mine. 1.349 however seemed off. =)

2.23" didnt hit the air assist cowl? I can only get 1.9" to clear

Nice. But how did if not hit the air assist with it being over 2”? :grin::+1::glowforge:

Maybe the item/engrave was narrow enough that the air assist didn’t encroach upon the item? The assist sits behind the head a bit.

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Correct, the bottle is~ 2.23" x 2.23" so the air assist stayed behind the bottle.