Glass Coasters - With Color!


First attempt and super happy!!
Used Glass Cleaner as a ‘mask’ [edit: ‘Heat Shield’]
settings can be found in ‘Everything Else’



it looks amazing!! I am going to have to try engraving on glass soon :slight_smile:


Yep. I’ve become a believer. :+1:


Can you explain what you mean by using glass cleaner as a mask?


Spray yourself in the face with Windex. :crazy_face:


was wondering the same thing.


I think it means apply Windex to the surface before lasering. A common surface treatment for glass etching is dishsoap. Some people also use wet newspaper. I think you need something that has good surface tension so it stays more or less put, something that helps dissipate the heat to reduce cracking and yet easy to clean up (not adhesive).

edit: newspaper


You got wonderful contrast with those!


Pretty color!! Great job!


The fluer de lis is awesome and would have been very timely last Tuesday for Mardi Gras :slight_smile:


Here’s a great video with lots of information on CO2 laser glass etching. I suggest watching several of the videos this gentleman has produced, as they are filled with lots of great tips and advice.




Well, crud! I edited the original post to add the link.


I love this Forum! You can post a topic and the thread becomes an education by crowdsource!

This is one of the things that sets Glowforge apart from the rest IMHO.


Great explanation - perhaps "Glass Cleaner applied as a ‘Heat Shield’ " might be a more apt metaphor.