Glass Fish ( unhijacking a thread)

It is a very beautiful piece. Looks like Italian just for the size, but probably otherwise just for a few points that are hard to explain. Unless the blue is hollow no blowpipe needed. It is probably made very very quickly with a gather of the blue and then a gather of clear and it looks like a spiral of glass sprayed down with silver nitrate with another gather over that. Then a flopping around to a general fish shape and grab a few places with jacks and into the annealer for at least 12 hours, the broken place sawed-off and ground flat, and voila :nerd_face:


Pretty. so where did you get it?

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@PrintToLaser got it as a present, but as I think of it probably a local glass artist,


Happy Birthday, @rbtdanforth! (hereby hijacking this thread…) :birthday: :cake: :cupcake: :moon_cake: :pancakes: :champagne: :flags: :grinning:


Thank You :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish: :octopus: :tropical_fish: :tropical_fish:

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Thank you sir, and happy birthday!


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